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Actress | Writer | Producer
Based in Los Angeles | New York Local Hire

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I wasn’t competitive in sports. Quite frankly when I played softball when I was younger, the few times I’d hit the ball, my dad would scream, “Fly Olivia, fly!” I took that “stage direction” literally and started to flap my arms as if I were a bird, so in short, performing was my thing (softball was not).


I am Olivia Singer, a native New Yorker, and May 2020 graduate of USC. I earned a BA in theatre with a minor in film production. I am raunchy and quick witted, and also sincere and sweet.


At USC, I was awarded most outstanding solo performance for a one-woman show. I wrote and performed, playing 9 characters. My skillset is diverse, yet focused, and my instincts are deeply rooted in creativity and discovery. 


I've learned that the key is to never lose sight of that little girl who flapped her wings.

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My journey...

My Journey

Short Film:"Your Definition is Wrong"

Directed by: Olivia Singer 

Written by: Olivia Singer & Dylan Blue 

Produced by: Sarah Steinbach 

Cinematography by: Jonny Kapps

This was the first short film I wrote, directed, and acted in. This was one of the first real moments I had where I knew I could do this. Plus, we succeeded because we had fun. `My team and I created an awesome challenge: we wanted to test our limits and see how we could defy them. My co-writer and I wrote the script in 2 weeks and shot this in 24 hours in New York. The short is about a pair of young, eager filmmakers who land their film debut at the Sundance Film Festival, but only one of the two will get the recognition they deserve. 

Interview for Voyage LA

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I am an actor, stand-up comedian, writer and director. Right now, I write to supplement my acting, but I love being in this phase in my life because I am learning how to do it all. Being an actor is very entrepreneurial, so at this moment I am kind of playing all different roles in order to achieve my goal of creating content that has substance...


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